Geetanjali Salon Price List (Packages) 2024 | All Location Rates

Are you searching for Geetanjali Salon Price List 2024, Then our post will help you. Here we have given the correct rates based on all the geetanjali salon locations in India.

Geetanjali Salon Price List (Packages) 2024 | All Location Rates

Geetanjali is a famous salon chain, where most of the people come to avail hair and face related services. The prices of these main services can be seen below.

Geetanjali Services Price Range
Hair Cuts ₹700 – ₹1000
Hair Spa ₹800 – ₹1400
Straightening ₹4500 – ₹7600
Face Facial ₹1700 – ₹4500
Makeup ₹2500 – ₹9500

Most consumers want to know the pricing of Geetanjali salon services before visiting. As a result, all rates are determined by the type of service provided and the time frame.

To help you, here we have mentioned the prices of all the packages and services.

Geetanjali Salon Price List 2024

Geetanjali operates more than 142 salons in India. Customers may receive treatments such as hair cuts, facials, and cosmetics. Their salons are all elegantly planned, furnished, and adorned. People appreciate going to these salons and using their services.

They have an excellent team and facilities that impress the client, and a salon should have such advantages since satisfied customers make any business successful. Customer service is greatly valued in the salon. This salon has several sites around India, both large and small.

For all the luxuries style facilities and best experience, most customers like to visit geetanjali salon. If you are also one of them, then this complete rate list is for you. This can assist you comprehend their services and prices.

Special : All the prices shown here are updated and new.

(1) Geetanjali Salon Hair Cut Prices

Hair Cut Services Price
Hair Cut Without Wash ₹705
Hair Cut With Wash ₹830
Hair Cut By Israni ₹7000
Kids Hair Cut (Girls) ₹475
Split Ends Removal ₹590
Fringe And Flick Cut ₹240

(2) Geetanjali Hair Cut Rates For Men

Men’s Haircut Services Price
Hair Cut For Men ₹475
Hair Cut By Israni ₹4700
Kids Hair Cut (Boys) ₹350
Men’s Hair Styling ₹180
Hair Powder Style ₹120
Hair Wax Style ₹110

(3) Geetanjali Hair Spa Price List

Spa Services Price
Special Hair Spa ₹835
Loreal Mix Hair Spa ₹945
Loreal Mythic Spa ₹1415

(4) Geetanjali Hair Color Rate List

Hair Color Services Price
Inoa Root Refresh Color ₹1410
Majirel Root Refresh Color ₹1170
Gloss Hair Color Color ₹2950
Inoa Global Tint Color ₹5900
Bleach & Colour Removal ₹1760
Color Chunks For Men ₹470
Men’s Highlights Color ₹2360
Majirel Global Color ₹1480

(5) Hair Straightening & Curling Price

Straightening & Curling Price
Hair Straightening Therapy ₹7670
Medium Hair Straight ₹5500
Hair Curling Premium ₹5900
Normal Hair Curling ₹4500

(6) Geetanjali Hair Treatment Cost

Hair Treatment Price
Hair Moisturizing ₹950
Hair Smart Bond ₹1190
Dose Treatment ₹1415
Express Treatment ₹2130
Experience Treatment ₹3310
Botanica Treatment ₹4730

(7) Geetanjali Salon Facial Prices

Facial Services Price
Geetanjali Facial ₹1750
Shine & Glow Facial ₹2950
Lock Ocean Facial ₹2900
Vitamin-C Facial ₹3300
Skin Lightening Facial ₹4150
Anti Ageing Facial ₹4730
Oxygen Facial ₹3200
White Shine Facial ₹4750
Emminence Sensi Balance ₹3550

(8) Face Pack And Clean Up Services

Face Pack & Clean Price
Geetanjali Mask ₹715
Skeyndor Mask ₹1780
Black Face Mask ₹610
D-Tan Clean Up ₹1790
Pore Clean Up ₹2370
Skeyndor Insta Clean ₹3550
Skeyndor Calmagic Clean ₹2950

(9) Geetanjali Beauty Parlor Makeup

Makeup Services Price
Bridal Makeup ₹35,000
Pre Bridal Package ₹9.500
Party Makeup ₹4,500
Occassional Makeup ₹7,500
Light Touch Makeup ₹3,500
Face Makeup ₹2,500
Trial Makeup ₹1,500
Eye Makeup ₹1,200

(10) Geetanjali Salon Manicure Prices

Manicure Services Duration Price
Classic Manicure 30 Min ₹535
Crystal Manicure 30 Min ₹770
Luxury Manicure 30 Min ₹1420
Ice Cream Manicure 45 Min ₹1180

(11) Geetanjali Pedicure Service Rates

Pedicure Services Duration Price
Classic Pedicure 30 Min ₹590
Crystal Pedicure 30 Min ₹830
Luxury Pedicure 45 Min ₹1420
Ice Cream Pedicure 45 Min ₹1180

(12) Waxing & Hair Removing Services

Waxing Services Duration Price
Arms Waxing 30 Min ₹710
Under Arms Waxing 10 Min ₹180
Legs Waxing 30 Min ₹710
Full Body Waxing 75 Min ₹3500

(13) Geetanjali Salon Massage Packages

Massage Services Price
Olive Oil Head Massage ₹650
Coconut Oil Head Massage ₹590
Almond Oil Head Massage ₹710
Cuccio Hand Spa Massage ₹1770
Cuccio Foot Spa Massage ₹1770

(14) Geetanjali Threading Services

Threading Services Price
Eyebrows Threading ₹85
Upper Lip Threading ₹60
Lower Lip Threading ₹60
Forehead Threading ₹60
Chin Threading ₹60
Full Face Threading ₹530

Note : If you want to know more about Geetanjali Services, Then you should visit on main website.

Geetanjali Salon Locations In India

Currently, Geetanjali Salon has a strong presence across India. Most of the salons are in northern India. The following is a list of their primary locations.

Pitampura Dwarka Ranchi
Paschim Vihar Patel Nagar Lucknow
Rajouri ATS Noida Delhi
Ashok Vihar Mall of India Bhubaneswar
Janakpuri Gurgaon Chandigarh
Kamla Nagar Jaipur Vegas Mall
Civil Lines Mumbai Ahmedabad
Faridabad Pune Sonipat
Kanpur Dehradun Jammu
Agra Ludhiana Amritsar
Ghaziabad Patna Kolkata

If you want the address, mobile number, email id or whatsapp chat support of your nearest Geetanjali salon then go to their Locations page.

Salon Opening Hours

Most of the geetanjali salons in India remain open at the timings mentioned below.

Days Hours
Monday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Here all the questions asked related to geetanjali salon have been answered.

(1) What is the price of a haircut at geetanjali salon?

Geetanjali salon offers hair cuts ranging from ₹700 to ₹1200, depending on gender and service.

(2) What is the difference between Geetanjali studio and Geetanjali salon?

Geetanjali Salons follows the Studio business model for salons. After years of ushering in a golden age of perfection in hair and beauty, Geetanjali Salons stepped into the huge area of “Studio,” which is a type of premium and luxury service that the studio provides.

(3) Who is the owner of Geetanjali Salon?

Geetanjali Salon was created in 1989 by Mr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni in Green Park, South Delhi, with the goal of providing clients with a world-class salon experience.

(4) Is Geetanjali salon unisex?

Yes, in the geetanjali salon or studio services are available for men and women both.

Hopefully this price list content helped you, See you in the next post, till then take care.

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