Lakme Salon Price List (Packages) Updated in 2024

If you are looking for Lakme Salon Price List 2024, then you have come to the right place. Here we have given the rates of all the main services available in the salon.

Lakme Salon Price List (Packages) Updated in 2024

Lakme is a well known indian salon chain for mainly 8 types of services.

Lakme Services Price Range
Stylish Haircut ₹400 – ₹1500
Lakme Hair Spa ₹1400 – ₹2200
Hair Smoothing ₹2300 – ₹6000
Hair Straightening ₹1600 – ₹5000
Global Hair Color ₹1500 – ₹4500
Keratin Treatment ₹600 – ₹2000
Lakme Facial ₹1400 – ₹2300
Wedding Makeup ₹8000 – ₹16000

Most consumers want to know the cost of hair and facial services before visiting a Lakme salon. As a result, all rates are determined by the type of service provided and the time frame.

To help you, the latest prices of all services are shown here.

Lakme Salon Price List 2024

Lakme professionals have created a list of the all services offered at Lakme Salon, just for you. Choose your choice and visit the salon to begin your new style.

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Most clients like visiting Lakme Salon because of the excellent amenities and experience. If you are one of them, then this complete pricing list is for you. This might help you learn about their services and costs.

(1) Lakme Hair Cut Price List

Hair Cut Services Price
Stylish Haircut ₹430
Hair Cut By Senior Stylist ₹780
Hair Cut By Designer ₹1390
Hair Cut [Backstage Heroes] ₹1550
Fringe Hair Cut ₹310
Lakme Kids Hair Cut ₹370
Women Hair Cutting ₹815
Men Hair Cutting ₹615

(2) Lakme Hair Wash Rate List

Hair Wash Services Price
Hair Wash (Upto Shoulder) ₹295
Hair Wash (Upto Waist) ₹335
Bed Head Wash & Plain Dry ₹310
Premium Hair Wash ₹350
Hair Wash, Conditioning & Blow Dry ₹540

(3) Lakme Hair Spa Prices

Hair SPA Services Price
De-Stress Hair Spa ₹1550
Insta Care Spa ₹1570
Enhance Hair Spa ₹1550
Protein Rush Spa ₹2200
Oil Goddess Spa ₹2375
Special Hair Spa ₹2000
TressPlex Spa Therapy ₹2100
Beauty Sutra Spa ₹3500
Ayurvedic Hair Spa ₹1800

(4) Hair Smoothing & Straightening

Smoothing And Straightening Price
Hair Smoothing Upto Mid Back ₹5800
Cysteine Kera Smooth Treatment ₹5500
Smoothening Upto Shoulder ₹5000
Smoothening – Waist & Below ₹6600
Straight Gloss Therapy ₹3250
Hair Smoothening Fringe ₹2200
Hair Smoothening Crown ₹3300
Hair Straightening Fringe ₹1620
Hair Straightening Crown ₹2990
Hair Straightening Upto Neck ₹3800
Hair Rebonding Fringe ₹1930
Hair Rebonding Crown ₹3690
Tressplex Collagen Treatment ₹9500

(5) Lakme Hair Color Prices

Hair Color Services Price
Natural Root Touch Up – 2 Inches ₹1500
Global Hair Color ₹3400
Essensity Global Hair Color ₹3700
Natural Global Hair Color ₹4500
Full Highlights Hair ₹1700
Crown Highlights ₹2300
T-Section Highlights ₹2300

(6) Hair Keratin Treatment Prices

Hair Keratin Services Price
Silk Boost ₹550
Shimmer Boost ₹550
Health Boost ₹630
Moisture Boost ₹700
Volume Boost ₹750
Cysteine Hair Treatment Upto Nape ₹5600
Cysteine Hair Treatment Upto Shoulder ₹6800
NutriSmooth Quadra Theraphy ₹7000

(7) Lakme Salon Facial Price List

Facial Services Price
Sensi Calm Facial ₹1400
Choco Revival Facial ₹1600
Good Bye Tan Facial ₹1860
Acne Scar Reducing Facial ₹1950
Fruit Special Facial ₹1400
Gloss Intense Hydrating Ritual ₹1650
Lakme Ageless Facial ₹1860
Insta Sheen Facial ₹1970
Perfect Radiance illuminate ₹2680
Youth Infinity Sculpting ₹3100
Regular Clean Up ₹700
Berry Clean Up ₹950

(8) Lakme Threading Services Price

Threading Services Price
Eyebrows Threading ₹50
Upper Lip Threading ₹50
Lower Lip Threading ₹50
Chin Threading ₹70
Side Locks Threading ₹70
Jawline Threading ₹85
Forehead Threading ₹70
Neck Threading ₹90
Face Threading ₹250

(9) Lakme Salon Makeup Rates

Makeup Services Price
Wedding Makeup Ultimate Airbrush ₹15,500
Bridal Makeup Ultimate Airbrush ₹14,000
Bridal Occasion HD Airbrush Makeup ₹16,000
Engagement Makeup ₹7,000
Lakme Groom Makeup ₹4,000
Young Forever Makeup ₹4,500
Red Carpet Chic Makeup ₹8,500
Festive Finish Makeup ₹3,000
Show Time Makeup ₹3,200

(10) Lakme Hair Care Packages

Hair Care Services Price
Lakme Oil Massage ₹400
Moroccan Oil Head Massage ₹900
Ayurvedic Oil Head Massage ₹1000
Lakme De-Stress Massage ₹1300
Essential Rejuvenating Treatment ₹1700
Essential Revitalising Treatment ₹1700
Essential Nourishing Treatment ₹1700
Essential Detox Treatment ₹1800
Essential Hairfall Treatment ₹2000

(11) Skin Care Service Prices

Skin Care Services Price
Detan – Face & Neck ₹450
Bleach – Face & Neck ₹550
Peel Off Waxing For Upper ₹450
Waxing – Full Arms ₹650
Face Clean Up ₹700
Skin Light Masque ₹750
Deep Cleansing Treatment ₹1200

(12) Lakme Body Care Services

Body Care Services Price
Marine Body Glow ₹3500
Marine Body Glow With Masque ₹3800
Marine Back Glow with Masque ₹2200
Detoxifying Body Massage ₹1300
Relaxing Back Massage ₹1300
Stress Relief Massage ₹1350
Luxury Body Detox ₹2400
Underarms Sensi Brightening ₹1750

(13) Lakme Hands & Feet Care

Hands & Feet Care Price
Regular Manicure ₹350
Aroma Next Manicure ₹450
Chocolate Manicure ₹700
Beauty Sutra Manicure ₹800
Summer Detanning Hand Mask ₹550
Soft Caress Hands Masque ₹600
Regular Pedicure ₹400
Aroma Next Pedicure ₹550
Foot Relaxing Massage ₹450
Nail Cut File & Polish ₹550
Natural Nail Extension ₹290
Illuminate Nail Art ₹700
Illuminate Nail Art – Advance ₹900

(14) Lakme Services For Men

Lakme For Men Price
Hair Cut By Stylist ₹430
Hair Cut By Senior Stylist ₹750
Hair Cut By Designer ₹1350
Beard Setting ₹250
Global Hair Color ₹2800
Hair Straightening ₹3500
Hair Smoothening ₹4500
Hair Keratin Treatment ₹700
Men’s Fruit Facial ₹1400
Insta Sheen Facial ₹1980
Insta Care Spa ₹1580

Note : If you want to know more about the services available at Lakme Salon. So you can go to their main website.

How to find the nearest Lakme Salon?

There are 2 ways to find Lakme salon near you. First of all, directly search “Lakme Salon Near Me” on Google.

Secondly, go to the Store Locator page on the official website of, There you just have to choose the name and city of your state. Then the list of all the Lakme salons present nearby will appear in front of you.

By doing this you will get the address and mobile number of the salon. Then you can go directly to the salon or can also get information by contacting through a call.


Below are answers to questions related to Lakme Salon and its related price.

(1) What is the price for a haircut at lakme salon?

If you want to get a hair cut in Lakme salon then the price will be between Rs 400 to Rs 1400. The price mainly depends on the expertise of the barber who cuts the hair.

(2) How much does it cost for a facial at lakme salon?

Basic facial of Lakme Salon starts from Rs 700, which further goes up to Rs 3000 depending on the specialty.

(3) How much does hair straightening cost at lakme salon?

Basically It depends on the length of your hair and the service you choose. Prices for hair straightening at Lakme Salon range from Rs 2500 to Rs 6500.

Hopefully you liked the content of this post. See you in the next post, till then take care.

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