Butterfly Haircut Price 2024 | For Short To Long Hair

Butterfly haircuts are quite in trend among women these days. Because in this hair cut the hair looks very beautiful and it also becomes easy to manage them. This style is perfect for people looking to add some flare to their hair.

Butterfly Haircut Price 2024 | For Short To Long Hair

Many women are thinking of getting a Butterfly Haircut, but they don’t know how much it will cost and from which salon they should get the haircut done.

Butterfly Cut can be done on mainly 3 types of hair lengths, whose general price is as follows.

Hair Length Price
Short Hair ₹400 – ₹600
Medium Hair ₹500 – ₹800
Long Hair ₹700 – ₹1200

Note : Here is a basic price range, which may vary depending on the salon and its location.

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut is a lightweight but stylish hairdo with unique layers that produce a light and airy look evocative of butterfly wings.

This hairstyle is distinguished by soft, cascading layers that provide volume, flow, and structure to the hair. Its versatility to different hair lengths and types makes it a popular choice for hairdressers and those searching for a new and exciting look.

Butterfly Haircut Price 2024

The price of Butterfly Haircut in most salons of India as of 2024 is something like this.

Salon Brand Price Range
Loreal ₹400 – ₹1000
Geetanjali ₹450 – ₹1200
Lakme ₹400 – ₹1300
Naturals ₹450 – 1000
Looks ₹500 – ₹1300

You can see as in the above given table, Most branded salons have a rate between ₹400 to ₹1200 for a butterfly haircut, actual rates are depending on the hair length.

So here we are trying to give you the correct price of butterfly cut, which is based on hair length.

(1) Best Butterfly Cut for Short Hair

Most people think that Butterfly Haircut does not look good on short hair, but this is wrong. A butterfly cut for short hair provides volume and movement, resulting in a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Before the haircut is done on yourself, you can look some photos of short hair butterfly style. From that you will get an idea of how this style can change your look.

(2) Stylish Butterfly Cut for Medium Hair

If you have mid length hair and you want to do a butterfly cut, then you should definitely go for it. Because usually butterfly cuts look stunning on medium hair.

This haircut could give dimension, bounce, and texture to your medium-length hair. Create a smooth, cascading appearance by incorporating lengthy layers throughout your hair, with the minimal layers framing your face.

(3) Butterfly Haircut For Long Hair

Most Indian women have long hair, if such hair is styled in Butterfly style then it looks thick. This type of hair cut does not require frequent styling as it is easily managed.

If you go to a branded salon, you may have to pay more for the Butterfly Cut. But if you find a nearby local salon that can do this haircut well, then get it done from them.

How Butterfly Hairstyle is Good for You?

One of the butterfly haircut’s distinguishing traits is its adaptability to various hair types. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or coiled hair, this haircut may be customized to your specifications. Layers and feathered ends offer movement, structure, and volume to any hair type, resulting in a new and fashionable look.

However, this cut may not be the best-suited haircut for thin hair because it may make it appear more scarce; thus, face-framing bangs and layers may aid in a fake-volume effect. For thick hair, this hairstyle is ideal for a defined and bulk-free look.

It is usually advisable to contact with a professional hairdresser for individualized perfection. Expert counsel is essential for ensuring that the butterfly haircut is personalized to your individual needs.


Here are answers to important questions related to Butterfly cut.

(1) How much does a butterfly haircut cost?

In most of the good hair salons in India, the price of Butterfly cut ranges from ₹400 to ₹1200, the main price depends upon the hair length.

(2) Which is better, butterfly cut or layer cut?

Layered cuts are often more graded throughout your hair, whereas butterfly cuts focus the layers around your chin and ends. Butterfly cuts are more about the form than providing texture and dimension with varying layer lengths.

(3) Is Butterfly Haircut need more care?

To keep your butterfly haircut looking good, clip the ends on a regular basis to avoid split ends and keep the ideal form. You should also visit a hair spa once every 3 to 4 weeks to feed your hair and stimulate healthy growth.

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Butterfly Haircut Price 2024 | For Short To Long Hair

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