Looks Salon Price List (Packages) 2024 | All Location Rates

If you are looking for Looks Salon Price List 2024, then you have come to the right place. Here we shared Looks salon rates, based on all the locations available in india.

Looks Salon Price List (Packages) 2024 | All Location Rates

Looks is a well-known salon brand for mainly 8 types of services.

Looks Services Price Range
Hair Cut ₹500 – ₹1500
Hair Color ₹1200 – ₹5000
Hair Treatment ₹1500 – ₹3500
Waxing ₹200 – ₹2000
Facial ₹800 – ₹3500
Makeup ₹1000 – ₹8000
Body Care ₹1000 – ₹3000
Nail Care ₹200 – ₹1200

It’s one of pan India’s fastest expanding salon chain brands, and it has opened up new possibilities for the hair styling business. Emerging as the country’s largest single salon chain.

That’s why here we are sharing a complete price list of looks salon, which is related to their services.

Looks Salon Price List 2024

Due to its excellent service, Looks Salon has received many awards in the last 10 years. Most of the customers are satisfied with their service and like to visit their salon.

Looks Salon established in January 1989 and has grown year after year to become a business with 162 locations across India. Looks Salon is expanding with 200 salons and presently employs over 6000 people across India.

This salon has remained a pioneer in hair, beauty, and nail services. Now creating new benchmarks in make-up, surpassing all industry norms to elevate professionalism to a new level.

Special : Here we have shown all looks salon services along with their prices.

(1) Looks Hair Cut Price List

Hair Cut (Men) Price
Men’s Hair Cut ₹500
Child Hair Cut (Boy) ₹300
Hair Cut By Stylist ₹750
Hair Cut By Senior ₹1000
Hair Cut By Creative Head ₹1500
Fringe Hair Cut ₹300
Hair Cut (Women) Price
Women’s Hair Cut ₹700
Child Hair Cut (Girl) ₹400
Hair Cut By Stylist ₹900
Hair Cut By Senior ₹1200

(2) Looks Beard Styling Services

Beard Styling Price
Looks Shave ₹250
Royal Shave ₹500
D-Tan Shave ₹600
Beard Trim ₹300
Beard Color ₹600

(3) Looks Wash And Conditioner

Hair Wash (Men) Price
Hair Wash ₹150
Hair Conditioning ₹200
Wash+Conditioner ₹300
Massage With Wash ₹590
Bond Treatment ₹2000
Hair Wash (Women) Price
Hair Wash ₹200
Hair Conditioning ₹200
Wash+Conditioner ₹400
Massage With Wash ₹590
Bond Treatment ₹2500

(4) Looks Salon Hair Colour Price

Hair Colour (Men) Price
Looks Hair Color ₹1200
Amonia Free Color ₹1300
Highlights Color ₹2000
Root Touch Up ₹1200
Hair Colour (Women) Price
Looks Hair Color ₹1300
Root Touch Up ₹1300
Amonia Free Root ₹1400
Global Hair Color ₹5000
Global (No Amonia) ₹6000
Highlights Color ₹5000
Crown Highlight ₹2500

(5) Hair Care And Scalp Treatment

Hair Treatments (M/W) Price
Dry Damaged Hair ₹1500
Frizzy & Unruly Hair ₹1500
Chemically Treated Hair ₹1500
Scalp Advanced Ritual ₹2500
Anti Hair Loss Ritual ₹3500
Anti Dandruff Ritual ₹3500
Soothing Scalp Ritual ₹3500
Color Gloss Treatment ₹1500

(6) Looks Hair Texture Services

Hair Texture (Men) Price
Straightening ₹3500
Smoothening ₹3500
Rebonding ₹3500
Hair Texture (Women) Price
Straightening ₹6000
Smoothening ₹6000
Rebonding ₹6000
Perming ₹5000
Keratin Treatment ₹6500
Hair Botox ₹6500

(7) Looks Waxing Services List

Waxing Services Price
Full Arms ₹300
Half Arms ₹250
Under Arms ₹200
Full Legs ₹400
Half Legs ₹300
Full Hand & Legs ₹700
Face Waxing ₹350
Full Body ₹2000
Full Front Or Back ₹700
Half Front Or Back ₹400
Side Wax ₹200
Midriff Area ₹250
Bikini Area ₹600
B-Line ₹1400

(8) Looks Salon Facial Price List

Facial Services Price
Instant Glow ₹800
Eye Treatment ₹1000
Clean Up ₹1500
Refresh Facial ₹1800
Ultimate Luxury ₹2500
Signature Facial ₹3000
Bio Staminalla ₹3500
Nettari Di Zucca ₹3700
Fruit Di Basco ₹2700

(9) Looks Bleach Service Rates

Bleach Services Price
Face Bleach Gold ₹900
D-Tan Bleach ₹600
Basic Face Bleach ₹400
Face And Neck ₹600
Full Arms ₹600
Full Legs ₹800
Front And Back ₹700
Full Body ₹1500

(10) Looks Salon Threading Rates

Threading Services Price
Eyebrows ₹60
Upper Lip ₹50
Lower Lip ₹50
Forehead ₹50
Face ₹250

(11) Looks Massage Services

Massage Services Price
Head Massage ₹600
Body Massage ₹1500
Body Polishing ₹3500

(12) Looks Salon Makeup Prices

Makeup Services Price
Engagement Makeup ₹8000
Bridal Makeup ₹6000
Party Make Up ₹5500
Reception Makeup ₹1500
Face Makeup ₹1000
Eye Makeup ₹500
Saree Tie Up ₹400

(13) Manicure And Pedicure Rates

Manicure/Pedicure Price
Normal Manicure ₹350
Spa Manicure ₹700
French Manicure ₹800
Normal Pedicure ₹400
Spa Pedicure ₹800
French Pedicure ₹900

(14) Skin And Body Care Prices

Skin/Body Care Price
Kera Skin Treatment ₹1400
Fitomarina Eye Contour ₹1700
Kerastase Ritual ₹750
Signature Ritual ₹2400
Arms Polishing ₹1000
Back Polishing ₹1000
Body Polishing ₹3000

(15) Dermalogica Treatment Price

Dermalogica Treatment Price
Dermalogica Clean Up ₹3000
Power Brightening Treatment ₹4500
Age Smart Treatment ₹4500
Dermalogica Clean Premium ₹4500
Ultracalming Treatment ₹4500

(16) Looks Nail Services Rate

Nail Care Services Price
Nail Refiling ₹1200
Nail Extension ₹1400
Acrylic Nail ₹1000
Nail Art ₹800
Glitter Nail ₹500
Nail Paint (Hand) ₹250
Nail Paint (Feet) ₹250

Note : If you want to get more information, you can visit the lookssalon.in main website.

Find Looks Salon Near Me

The best way to find your nearest looks salon, just search on google “Looks Salon Near Me”.

Another way is to go to their Salon Finder page. Just select your city and area and you will see the nearest salon.

For further assistance you can contact the salon on its main mobile numbers +91-11-28751520, +91-11-41061400.


Below are answers to questions related to Looks Salon and its related price.

(1) How much is the price for a hair cut at looks salon?

You could take advantage of the best haircut at just ₹500 to ₹1500 at most looks salon in india.

(2) What is the cost of hair color in looks salon?

At looks salon, hair color price is between ₹1200 to ₹5000, depending on the hair length and service.

(3) Who is the owner of Looks Salon?

Sanjay Dutta, an Indian businessman, owns the Looks Salon.

Hopefully this price list content helped you, See you in the next post, till then take care.

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